My 4 “Can’t live without” Android Apps

I am one of those people who don’t have a lot of apps on their phone. I don’t really play any games on my phone, and like to run a pretty clean ship when it comes to installing things on my device.

That said, I do run with a few very useful apps that I’ll outline here:

Rules: I am not going to talk abut anything thats just standard issue, or any social apps.


Pocket casts

Far and away the best podcast app for android. Use it several times a day and it never misses a beat.


I have recently installed a bit of technology┬áin the house to bring a little bit of automation to things. I would not say these apps are PERFECT – but they all do their job effectively.


I’ve tried almost all of the running apps and I find that this is the only one that does everything I need accurately. It’s also the only app I have that I have paid for the ‘pro’ version. Great software should always be rewarded.



Easily my most important app on my phone. Anyone who knows me knows I am terrible with directions. Not only does this app get me from a to b, it also ups my shortcut game and gets me everywhere a tonne faster.

Got any new recommendations for me?

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