My Travel Wish List

As you get older, and you start to get more responsibilities in your life (Mortgage, relationships, cars, bills, kids…), travel becomes a little harder.

I was very lucky when I was younger and didn’t have any responsibilities that I was to travel quite extensively and experience many different places around the world.

Now, it’s a little harder to do, but I’ve still got a few places I would really like to see before I am too old to enjoy it:



Ever since I was in high school I have wanted to go here. It looks like an amazing place full of interesting foods, sights and culture. I would love to visit during the cherry blossom festival.

Europe (Iceland, Greece, Spain, Italy, More of Easter Europe)

I spent an amazing extend period travelling around Europe when I was younger but it was what I call a ‘highlights’ tour. I went to the capital cites of each country for 4-5 days and jammed in as many countries into the trip as I could (It was an amazing trip!)

Now I am a little older, wiser, and drink a little less I would love to spend more time exploring each of these countries, and a few more of the cities within them.


USA & Canada

I head to the USA each year for work and usually try and see a few places before and after the convention. Generally when I head over there for work its to the west coast so there are plenty of cities in the east I would love to get to:

  • Texas
  • NYC (I have been here several times but always looking for a reason to get back)
  • Boston
  • New Orleans
  • Canada (Just the country in general)

Over the next few years I’ll try and knock off as much of this list a possible, but with a baby on the way – wish me luck!

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