4 Habbits that Make My Life Better

So this isn’t one of those posts about “New Year’s Resolutions” or life hacks, it’s simply a list of the things that I do that I find work for me in making me more effective as a person.

These things put me in a better mood and headspace, and allow me to have a great work/ life balance.



Not going to bang on about eating the rights things, or the correct amount of protein, but just start the day with something healthy (This depends a lot on how much time you have in the morning!)

Some good options are:

  • Fruit (Bananas are always a good easy option)
  • Eggs (Just scramble those things up)
  • Fruit Shake (Chuck some fruit and ice in a blender)
  • Protein shake (Just be sure your protein of choice isn’t full of sugar like many of them are)

Breakfast is just about the routine, and that routine it helps me to make a solid start to the day no matter what time I get to the office.



This can be a tough one to get motivated for, but once it’s part of your routine, it’s easy. After a while you need it, and becomes a necessary part of your everyday life. Exercise has been proven to improve mood and relieve stress, as well as being good for your health.

I run three times a week, and gym twice a week (Not to mention walking to dogs a few times a week as well), purely to stay healthy in mind and body.

Making the bed


This might sound stupid, and you have most likely heard it before, but for me it actually works. Leaving the house with a made bed is a great start to the day. You might leaving in a hurry and the house may not be perfectly clean, but if the bed is made it will put you in a good mindset for achieving other things through the day.
Don’t knock it till you try it.

Read before bed rather than screen time


This is one I am trying to do better at, but I know it’s not a good thing. Checking phones and social accounts before you go to sleep and first thing when you wake up is a terrible habit, and a huge time waste. Spending that time reading something or just doing nothing will help you to unwind and feel better in the morning.

Guide to Pubcon for Overseas Visitors


I now consider myself a Pubcon veteran after attending the last 3 events (Not sure if this has earned me that title, but I’m running with it)

The reason I make the LONG trip from Australia each year, is for the quality of speakers, the people we meet, and the chance it gives us to focus on our SEO knowledge, to improve our product for our customers.

So if you are headed to Pubcon from a far away place like I am, below are some tips that will help to make your trip just that little bit better:

Pack light and load up.

Don’t overdo the packing. You will end up wearing lots less than you actually take, and you can buy anything you need over there (As well as wear some of the swag you get throughout the conference if you run out of clean shirts)

A few t shirts, shorts, dress pants, few shirts, and a jacket will have you pretty much covered for all occasions that arise. The other pro to packing light, is you can then do some shopping to fill those bags on your way home.

Adjust to the time difference as soon as you land.

This is a general travel tip I use everywhere I travel. As soon as you land starting adjusting to the time difference. If you land at 4pm, it’s 4pm so do what you would normally do, and hit the hay at your usual bedtime.
This is the quickest way to adjust on what is sometimes a short trip.

Only pre book accommodation, flights, & conference tickets.

Don’t go crazy with organising every detail, but ensure you have your hotel, & conference pass. Everything else you can wing it once you get there. Shows, tours, dinners, can all be booked easily and often cheaper when you land at the last minute, and you want to allow yourself to go with the Vegas flow.

Keep an eye on twitter for events.

Before and during your trip, stay on top of the Twitter hashtag to ensure you don’t miss out on formal and informal networking events, which are always the highlight of every event.


Network online with people from your own country attending.

Meeting people from all over the world is one of the huge draw cards of Pubcon, but it’s equally as beneficial to networking with your fellow countrymen. These events can often lead to great business partnerships, and long term relationships with people very relevant to your business.

Pubcon generally has a decent attendance from Australia, and we’ve met some great people in the industry that we still catch up with to this day.

Get a Sim Card before you arrive.

This is my personal preference, but a must do for me. Order a US based Sim card before you arrive and have it shipped to you (Plenty of options on ebay). Doing this will be easy (You can have the phone live 10 minutes after you land), and will save you the hassle of hunting down, and signing up in a cell phone store, which can sometimes take over an hour.

Having a working local phone number and data is a massive plus in Vegas as it will allow you to use Google Maps, make bookings, and stay in touch with your new friends, just like back home.


If you forget something, you can get it in Vegas.
Don’t be at all stressed if you forget to pack anything such as clothes, medicines, & toiletries, can all easily be purchased at any of the local CVS stores or drug stores.

If you are flying home on the Thursday night after the last day of the conference, check your bags at concierge in the morning.

I usually give ourselves a few extra days either side to enjoy our trip, but if you are on a deadline and have a late flight on Thursday night, check your bag with the concierge and checkout in the Thursday morning before you head to the last day of the conference.

That way you can enjoy the last day of the conference, the last night networking event, and then have a seamless trip to collect your bags and get to the airport.

Don’t be afraid to take an hour or two off during the day to see some sights.

Not interested in every session block? Don’t worry, it happens. If you have a quiet patch in terms of sessions you would like to attend, don’t feel guilty about taking a few hours out to do some shopping, hit the tables, sit by the pool, or even go see the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. It’s all part of the Vegas experience.

Be prepared for the weather.

If you are coming from colder climates like me, October in Las Vegas is generally the opposite of your current season, nice and warm! With some cooler nights at times so bring shorts, t-shirts, as well as some long sleeves and pants

Grab food when you can…

Pubcon never really stops, and you will be pretty busy the entire time. Don’t forget to grab some food when you can. A quick bite before the conference starts, or a couple of tacos on the way to the next networking event, will ensure you stay on your feet through the day, and long into the night!

The place literally never sleeps, but make sure you do (At least a bit)

The conference runs from 8.30pm till 5pm each day, and to keep up that pace you do need a little bit of sleep. But you’re in Vegas right, so it’s a bit tougher to get to bed early. Just remember pace yourself, and catch some shut eye when you can – you are here to learn!

And a few quick tips:

  • You can drink booze on the street and it’s totally fine (If you are out walking, grab a beer from a local store or CVS to save some money)
  • Carry small change for tips with taxis, drinks, meals
  • If you want to catch a show or visit one of the buffets, visit halftix.com boothes on the strip for a great deal
  • A monorail ticket will set you up for a good week of getting around, and is by far the best way to the LVCC. Other options are taxis (everywhere), and more recently, Uber.
  • Don’t forget your conference pass for the networking events. It’s what will get you in, and acts as a nametag.
  • Stay at a hotel on the monorail. We always stay at the MGM as it’s got a monorail stop inside the casino, which gives us an extra 20-30 minutes sleep each morning.
  • Easiest way to pay for things is on Credit Card, so try and get one without international fees if you can.
  • Avoid taking out cash from the casino ATM’s, they will sting you $5 + for each withdrawal.

I hope this list of tips helps a few of you out there, and I look forward to seeing everyone there in Las Vegas.

Getting Hired


Optimising has grown quite a bit over the previous 12 months, which has meant that I have been involved in recruiting for several positions over this time.

Finding the perfect hire that will both fit the culture and also have the right skills set can be difficult at times, mainly due to the way in which people apply for roles. With a bit little more effort on the applicants behalf will not only make them stand out from the crowd, it will also put the potential employer in a positive mindset when speaking the the candidate.

This blog post should make it easy for potential employees of mine to know EXACTLY how to get a job with me (if candidates are reading this, just follow these golden rules and you are in)

Cover letter & Resume

This is the first point of contact I have a with a candidate, so a great first impression is vital:

  1. PDF
    Resume and cover letter should always be in PDF format. No excuses.
  2. Short and to the point
    When I go through over 50 resumes for a job, if your resume or cover letter is too long, it won’t get read. Make it to the point and relevant. If you fit the bill, I’ll notice.
  3. Nicely formatted
    You don’t need one of those fancy infographic style resumes, or your photo on it, but having a nicely and neatly formatted resume is a must. Make reading your resume a good experience (if that’s even possible!)
  4. Relevant to the job
    Whatever is in the resume or cover letter, ensure that it pertains to the job. I am not interested in the work experience you did at the local footy club canteen when you were 14.

Do I call to follow up a resume?

This is a tough one. I get lots of follow up calls about applications. Now, I am not completely against it as a technique, but if you are going to follow up:

  • Have relevant questions/reason for the follow up call: Don’t just call for a random chat about nothing in particular
  • Keep it short: Everyone is busy – Keep the call short, to the point, and make a good impression.

Interview stage (Phone or in-person)

If you make it to the interview stage you are doing something right! Doing well at the interview stage should not be stressful, as I will already have a positive impression of you in my mind:

  • Show interest in the job and the company
    Do some research on the industry, our company, our clients, and the job. This shows your initiative and genuine interest in working for me.
  • Don’t argue or push your own agenda
    Generally it will not be your job to lose, it’s up to you to show us that you will be the best fit for the job. I am interviewing you (although I do appreciate some questions from candidates)
  • Don’t ask for the following…yet:
    • Hours (eg. can you leave early on Mondays, sometimes I need to take my cat to the vet on Tuesday mornings at 11am…)
    • Holidays you need to take (this is fine, but wait till we get a bit further into the process)
    • Things that may get in the way of your job…(leave drama at the door)

Bonus Tips

  1. Reply to emails fast
    This is one some may not agree with, but prompt replies to emails are pretty important. A reply that takes more than a few hours is a big no-no in my books.
  2. Email Address: Gmail, personal domain, university email only
    This might be a bit fussy, but internet provider emails, hotmail accounts, and email addresses like ilovecats@msn.com don’t scream professional to me.
  3. Be on time to your interview
    No brainer…
  4. If something is asked of you, like to provide documents or answers, make it a priority
    This shows that you the job is a priority and a real focus for you.
  5. Dress for the job
    Check out our website, see what other wear to work, and dress to that level. This will illustrate you already fit in.

Good luck future employees!

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